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Freedom for you and your pet!

At Patriot Pet Doors, our goal is to liberate you and your pet. We are pet door experts, locally owned and operated, specializing in pet door installations to fit you and your pet's needs. Whether you want a door for your tiny or giant fur baby, Patriot Pet Doors has your answer.

We believe that your pet is part of the family. This is why we offer a full line of the highest quality, best looking Hale Pet Doors, with the most experienced installers. Whether your pet just loves to go in and out or has a medical need that makes them need potty access often, we can find a solution for every pet door need.

Pet Door Options For Every Situation.

Walls (Stucco, Brick, Siding)

Doors (Metal, Wood, Composite)

Ramps, Repairs & Custom Doors

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